WordPress Plugin Tipp: Foobars

Everyone knows those shiny and nice information bars on top or bottom of many websites these days. They tell you about special offers, promos or just newsletter subscriptions. I needed such an info bar for my own website a while ago and searched for a nice plugin to do the job.

I found some free and some premium (paid) plugins for this specific purpose. After a few quick tests I decided to go with FooBars which is a premium plugin by the guys over at Themercency. This plugin offers a wide range of great features without becoming too complex. You can change almost anything from a nice admin panel. Colors, sizes, fonts, animation an much more.

I´m a fan of premium themes and plugins because in most cases you simply get a much better quality compared to free stuff. And at a prize of 14$ you can´t go really wrong.

So if you need nice and fancy info bars from time to time you should check out the FooBars plugin.

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