We have a new Website

 If you have ever been here before it´s crystal clear to see: We have a new website. One of the most important things to us when creating a website is that the user knows in a second what the website is all about. That´s why our new claim is “We do Webdesign Stuff”. And even more precise we offer “WordPress Themes and Webdesign Services”. Any more questions? Well ok…there is this “we” thing that not everybody might understand. Here is why.

It´s already a couple of weeks ago when we relaunched this international website. The German website was launched just a few days ago and so finally the “whole family got new clothes”. But why “we”? First of all “We do Webdesign Stuff” sounds simply better than “I do Webdesign Stuff” at least in my ears. The other reason why we (or I) choose the “we” instead of the “I” – although I´m working on my own most of the time – is that a website project and even a WordPress theme is never the work of just one person. I work with partners and clients and that´s why “we” have a new website and “we” do webdesign stuff. Because we do it together. Simple as that.

As you can see the new website got a flat design – one of the big trends in webdesign these days – which I feel reduces the content to the max without all those bells and whistles of gradients and dropshadows etc. And of course the website became full mobile responsive so you have a much better user experience no matter which device you use. An lastly I cleaned the content, removed unimportant stuff, edited texts, and images and merged the German and the English website so both have the same content now – except the language of course.

I hope you like and enjoy the new website.

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