I´m taking a Social Media Break

Social media is something that can help to develop and maintain a couple of things when you use it the right way. A proper social media strategy combined with the right things to say and publish can boost your business. Social media can also keep you in contact with the people you like and maybe even help you make some new friends. Social media is a great thing and that´s why millions of people use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites.

I decided to take a two months social media break starting today until end of October. “Are you crazy?” some might ask. “This guy is completely nuts” some might say. Why can I quit using such a great thing as social media? The answer is pretty simple.

The amount of time social media takes is too high whilst the benefit it provides is too low

Dealing with social media doesn´t just mean writing content for it it also means consuming it. You need to read what others have to say and also interact with them. Otherwise it doesn´t make sense to me. And this can be very time consuming and become a strong factor of interference of your daily work.

On the other hand some say there is a lot of qualified traffic coming from social media and it is a great channel to communicate with your audience. While this might be true for some or even many it´s not true for everyone. And so it´s potentially not true for me. When I look at my web analytics there is just a small number of visitors coming from social media channels and I had never someone who told me “I found you on Twitter (or Facebook etc.) and I´d like to make (serious) business with you”. XING is something different because I made some very good business contacts via XING but that´s a different story anyway.

I see that as an experiment. Maybe I will return to the social media community after two months, maybe I will stay away for longer. Anyway I´m keen to see what effects that will have (positive and negative likewise) to my daily business and my private life. So from now on until end of October you will not read any Twitter updates from me, nor will I post any stuff on Facebook or provide any useless or useful information on Google+

And there is another reason why I want to get rid of any interfering stuff for the next two months…but that is also another story 😉

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