Social Media Break is over

End of August I started my social media break because of two reasons. First I wanted to have some more time – time that I normally spend on social media activities. And secondly I wanted to see what difference it make if I´m active on Facebook, Twitter & Co. or not. Today I´m back to social media and guess what: I didn´t miss very much.

Of course I was not completely locked off. I was still reading several RSS feeds to stay informed and was kind of active on XING which is a bit outstanding from the crowd because it´s clearly business focused. There were some times when I really missed to be an active part of the social media plattforms and that was when I was looking for the one or the other solution. Normally I post a question on Google+, Twitter and also on Facebook and normally I get an answer qite quickly. This time I had to find other sources and that was in fact not a real problem. Aunt Google finds a solution for almost anything 😉

The Results

Interesting about it is that the number of followers/friends/fans or whatever you like to cal the people who you are connected to on the various plattforms didn´t decrease. In fact it slightly increased although I dindn´t write anything during this time.


Twitter: 352 / 357
Facebook Page: 86 / 89
Google+: 109  / 138

The Conclusion

My simple conclusion is that beeing part of the social media community it nice but not crucial for me. In some cases it´s quite helpful but you can´t expect any miracles from it. For a one-man-show like me who can´t spend too much time on a fancy social media strategy it doesn´t seem to be the big thing.  So of course I will continue my social media experience but I will spend less time and effort on it. I guess for me it´s more important to focus on my core business and produce more outstanding WordPress themes and great websites for my clients. Social media to me is one part of my personal marketing but it´s by far not the most important and it´s not the “healer for all diseases”. Producing good quality in my clients work and word-of-mouth from satisfied customers is much more valuable.

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