Why JPEG isn´t the right Format for your Web Logo

“Can I use a JPEG image for my weblogo” customers often ask me. “Well, you can but you shouldn´t” is my answer in most of the cases. Of course you can use a JPEG as a logo but it´s not the best choice in most of the cases. Here is why.

There is one big problem with JPEG images. They always have a (white) background. This might not be an issue if you have a white background on your website as well but what if you have a colored header? It looks awefull and unprofessional.

There are some other issues with JPEGs when it comes to scalability and quality. That´s why designers ask for EPS which is a vector based format also used for printing. Well, can I use that for the web you might ask. No but any designer can make a PNG file out of an EPS file in seconds. And PNG is a great image format for weblogos.

Take a look at this website for more details.

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