Google is moving towards a more secure web – Start using SSL now


A few days ago Google mentioned in their security blog that websites that are not using SSL encryption will be marked as “non-secure” in the future.

Beginning in January 2017 (Chrome 56), we’ll mark HTTP sites that transmit passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.

It is quite likely that websites which are not using the HTTPS protocoll also will face penalties in the Google search ranking which means thei might rank lower than comparable sites with HTTPS (SSL).

Free SSL from your web-hoster

Even if SSL is not the most important ranking factor yet, it potentially will gain power in the near future and it´s another important brick in terms of data security.

Since at least Let´s Encrypt started to provide free SSL certificates there is no excuse anymore not to use HTTPS for your website. Several web-hosting companies already offer such free SSL certificates. For example the ones we recommend like WebGo, Raidboxes and

Start using SSL now

We have switched all our websites to SSL a few days ago and it was as easy as 1,2,3. SSL must be activated for your domain and some tweaks have to be done on your WordPress site and you are ready for a secure website and potential benefits in Google search rankings.

If you want to use SSL just get in touch with us. We are happy to support you.

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