Here you find tutorials for my Wordpress themes.

Customizing your Theme with a Child Theme

People often ask what happens to customizations after a theme update. Well the short answer is: They will get lost.

Why is that? When you update a theme there is normally no build in update routine like you have it for WordPress core updates. That means when a new version of a theme comes out you need to replace the old files with the new ones and that overwrites your custom changes. By the way this also would happen in case of a WordPress update if you would have changed WordPress core files. That is the reason why you should never make any changes to WordPress core files. But how can you customize a theme and stay safe in case of an update? The solution is: A child theme. Read more

Using prettyPhoto Image Effect with NextGen Gallery

All of my themes come with a very nice image effect called “prettyPhoto”. It´s a lightbox clone that opens image links automatically in an overlay or modal window. You don´t need to do anything but link the inserted image in a post or page to its own file. pretty Photo detects image links automatically.
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Using Blog Title and Tagline instead of a Logo

By default PRiNZ Pro Themes use a graphical logo to display in the header of the blog or website. There might be reasons to use the blog title and tagline that are defined in the WordPress admin settings under Settings > General instead of a logo image and this tutorial shows you how easy this can be done. This tutorial is only for themes versions prior to 5.1 because in this version you can make these settings on the optionspage.
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Theme Customization easy as 1,2,3 with Firebug

I often get support questions like “I want to change the color of element “X” from default black to red” (or similar). If you have a look into the CSS files you normally should find out pretty fast which areas you need to edit to change colors, fonts and even sizes of specific elements. But sometimes it´s not so obvious and searching for the right CSS selector can be a pain. The famous Firefox addon “Firebug” makes it easy as 1,2 3 to find the right CSS.
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Custom Excerpt “more” Link

Recently I have written about individual excerpt lenghts in BranfordMagazine. Today I will show you how to customize the excert “more” textstring and make it a real clickable link for a better user experience.
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Using optional excerpts for more content control

In another article I already wrote about using individual excerpt lengths in BranfordMagazine. This brief tutorial shows you how to use individual excerpts for every post in order to get more control over your content. I use this in the leadarticle of my BranfordMagazine demosite.
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Individual Excerpt lengths in BranfordMagazine

BranfordMagazine and also my other themes use the excerpt template tag for auto-shortening texts on the homepage and in other areas. This is nothing spectacular since many themes do it like that. But BranfordMagazine uses the power of WordPress 2.9x to provide a function for individual excerpt lengths. Be aware that this doesn´t work with WP versions prior to 2.9. By default this is used for shorter excerpts in the featured articles section. Of course you can use this technique with any of my premium WordPress themes.
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How to find the category IDs in WordPress

If you setup BranfordMagazine for the first time you need the category IDs to define which categories are displayed e.g on the homepage. This is not very obvious since WordPress version 2.5 anymore. This tutorial shows two simple ways how th figure out the IDs.
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