is coming home

Since a few days I´m the official owner of the domain Finally this annoying story came to a good end. The previous owner of sold the domain along with some other related stuff such as the ebook “Sites that Soar” and some other related domains for a reasonable price. I think everybody is happy now with this solution. At least I am 😉

For the time beeing the domain will be redirected to this website. Maybe I will continue a special site for BranfordMagazine – by far my most popular premium WordPress theme – in the future.

This means the era of “the un-official BranfordMagazine website” is over. Welcome to the official home of BranfordMagazine, WyntonMagazine and other fantastic premium WordPress themes.

To celebrate this you can use the promocode theonlybranfordmagazine and save 50% on every theme purchase.

This offer is limited to max 500 purchases and until July 15th 2011

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