Beware of pirated WordPress Themes

A few months ago I wrote an article about how downloading themes from the wrong source can harm your site and can become quite expensive. Today I received a serious warning about a non-offcial download of an older BranfordMagazine version that is infected with malicious code.

Siobahn, a writer over at informed my about the fact that she found a version of BranfordMagazine at which is infected with a base64_decode in the footer.

I was already aware that does provide an old version of my theme without any permission or authorization by me but I didn´t know they provide an infected version. I already tried to get in touch with them weeks ago and asked them to remove this version from their site but I didn´t get any feedback.

This is another good example why it is important to download themes from their original source. Only on the original developers website or store you can be sure to get the right version. Proper themes directories (and there are many proper ones out there) will always link to the developers website instead of providing the download on their own site. This also assures you always get the latest versions.

Especially when it comes to premium themes you should be warned if you get a free version of a theme that normally isn´t free.


  • Do not download and use the version of Branfordmagazine over at – It´s infected with malicious code.
  • Always use the original themes source (developers website) to get clean themes and proper support.
  • Don´t download any version of BranfordMagazine or any other of my themes from any other site than this. If you find a free version of one of my themes be sure it´s not an official one and it will not be supported by me at all.
  • Let me know if you find anorther source where PRiNZ themes are offered for free – help me to keep my themes free from mailicious code that harms others websites.

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