Beware of wrong Theme Updates

If you are using one of our older themes – especially “Consultant” or “Agency” – then you might see an update notification in your WordPress dashboard that you should ignore. A few customers reported about those notifications. After clicking the “update” button they faced a completely other theme.

Why is that? Well, quite simple. We figured out that if a theme in the WordPress theme directory exists with the same name as a theme that is installed at your self-hosted WordPress installation, WordPress assumes it must be the same theme and if the version number of the one in the WP theme directory is higher than the one in your install it tells you there´s an update available.

We strongly recommend NOT  to upgrade because you will get another theme, not an update. Neither “Consultant” nor “Agency do have an auto update function build in and there are absolutely no updates for theses themes because we don´t sell them anymore since quite a while.

So, if you get an update notification for one of our themes (potentially an older one) and this theme is not listed here, then you should not update. If you are unsure send us a support ticket.

YouTube aktivieren?

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