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branfordmagazine.com is coming home

Since a few days I´m the official owner of the domain branfordmagazine.com. Finally this annoying story came to a good end. The previous owner of branfordmagazine.com sold the domain along with some other related stuff such as the ebook “Sites that Soar” and some other related domains for a reasonable price. I think everybody is […]

New DER PRiNZ Website is up to come

It´s springtime and this means it´s time for something new and exiting to grow. That´s why we are working on a new website for DER PRiNZ. In a few weeks we plan to launch a brandnew designed, fresher, more userfriendly and multi-lingual online home to meet the requirements of our international audience. The site will […]

Beware of pirated WordPress Themes

A few months ago I wrote an article about how downloading themes from the wrong source can harm your site and can become quite expensive. Today I received a serious warning about a non-offcial download of an older BranfordMagazine version that is infected with malicious code. Siobahn, a writer over at WPMU.org informed my about […]

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

I wish everybody some relaxing days at the end of the “old” year and a fantastic start into 2011. For me 2011 will become an exiting new challenge starting my own full time business as a WordPress expert, Webdesigner/-Consultant and online Marketeer. You can expect some cool new premium WordPress themes coming up in 2011 […]

Using prettyPhoto Image Effect with NextGen Gallery

All of my themes come with a very nice image effect called “prettyPhoto”. It´s a lightbox clone that opens image links automatically in an overlay or modal window. You don´t need to do anything but link the inserted image in a post or page to its own file. pretty Photo detects image links automatically.

Web Amateur tries to damage my Reputation

[info_box style=”notice”]The content of this article is outdated. Meanwhile I´m the owner of the branfordmagazine.com domain. This article remains just for information.[/info_box] It takes a while to make me angry. Normally I´m a straight guy who keeps cool blood. But I am getting angry if someone with obviously very little knowledge of web development first […]

Downloading a Premium Theme from the Wrong Site can be Expensive

When you goolge for “WordPress Themes”, “Premium WordPress Themes” or even “Free Premium WordPress Themes” you will get a huge result list with hundreds of websites. Because WordPress is such a popular plattform with a huge community there are so many people providing Themes and plugins for free or even paid. There are also some […]

New Theme features coming with WordPress 3.0

Are you also counting the days until WordPress 3.0 will be released? There are many great features that will be introduced in the new release of WordPress and PRiNZ Pro Themes will be updated to support those features and more. New features Here is a list of all new features that will be included in […]

Using Blog Title and Tagline instead of a Logo

By default PRiNZ Pro Themes use a graphical logo to display in the header of the blog or website. There might be reasons to use the blog title and tagline that are defined in the WordPress admin settings under Settings > General instead of a logo image and this tutorial shows you how easy this […]

Theme Customization easy as 1,2,3 with Firebug

I often get support questions like “I want to change the color of element “X” from default black to red” (or similar). If you have a look into the CSS files you normally should find out pretty fast which areas you need to edit to change colors, fonts and even sizes of specific elements. But […]