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WordPress Plugin Tipp: Foobars

Everyone knows those shiny and nice information bars on top or bottom of many websites these days. They tell you about special offers, promos or just newsletter subscriptions. I needed such an info bar for my own website a while ago and searched for a nice plugin to do the job. I found some free […]

Easy WordPress Theme Customizations with Tweaky

I love to provide outstanding support to my customers. If you purchase a high quality product such as one of my themes you can expect top notch support if you encounter an issue. That´s part of my philosophy. Sometimes though I have customers who’s individual needs exceed what is considered “normal” support. This is what […]

Customizing your Theme with a Child Theme

People often ask what happens to customizations after a theme update. Well the short answer is: They will get lost. Why is that? When you update a theme there is normally no build in update routine like you have it for WordPress core updates. That means when a new version of a theme comes out […]

WordPress Christmas Calendar

For my German speaking users I provide a daily WordPress christmas calendar (Adventskalender in German) on my German website. There I present a tiny little WordPress tipp every day from December 1st to christmas eve on December 24th. So if your understand German and are interested in a daily dose of WordPress tipps & tricks […]

Issues with my Mailform – Can´t reply to some E-Mails

If you wrote me an email via my contact form between some time yesterday November 22nd and today before 16:00 h I will not be able to reply if you haven´t entered your email also  into the message field. The reason is that my server for some reason ignored the senders email and used my […]

Social Media Break is over

End of August I started my social media break because of two reasons. First I wanted to have some more time – time that I normally spend on social media activities. And secondly I wanted to see what difference it make if I´m active on Facebook, Twitter & Co. or not. Today I´m back to […]

TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner

I´m sure you are aware of the latest TimThumb vulnerability issue that has been reported a few weeks ago. I provided an update for the script that is used in my themes and makes thumbnail handling so easy. Of course all PRiNZ themes were updated to make sure they are not effected anymore. Today I […]

I´m taking a Social Media Break

Social media is something that can help to develop and maintain a couple of things when you use it the right way. A proper social media strategy combined with the right things to say and publish can boost your business. Social media can also keep you in contact with the people you like and maybe […]

How to fix a possible vulnerability issue with Tim Thumb

Thanks to mobile devices like my iPhone and iPad I received a message in my holidays concerning a vulnarability issue with the TimThumb image resizer script that is used in my themes. Check this blog post for more information. Due to the fact that I´m on a holiday trip I cannot update my themes in […]