7 ways to reduce the bounce rate of WordPress websites

When you are looking at the metrics of your website analytics, you presumably noticed the bounce rate metrics. Understanding what the bounce rate means to your website is pretty easy and also crucial in terms of understanding your website in full. The bounce rate is a term used to describe those of your website visitors who come to visit your site…and leave immediately. They  don’t click on any link or visit additional pages. It´s like you visit this post right now, and end up not clicking on anything but the close tab button.

The guys at MH-Themes just wrote a very nice article that describes what to do to avoid (or at least reduce) bouncing visitors. They came up with 7 simple tipps or principles to make visitors stay longer.

1. Remove Popups and other Intrusive Ads

2. Improve Load Times

3. Good Layout / Website Design

4. Content Style

5. Responsive Web Design

6. Engaging 404 Error Pages

7. Experiment with A/B Testing

You can see there is no rocket-science in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Read the whole article at MH-Themes.

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