WordPress Plugin Tipp: Seedprod Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

When you start developing a WordPress site – no matter if for a client or a private project – chances are you want to see how your site may look in a real environment but without letting regular users see your unfinished work. This is where “Coming Soon” pages come into play.

There are several plugins available for activating maintenance mode or for creating “under construction” or “coming soon” pages. One of the most pupular here in Gemany is WP Maintenance Mode by Frank Bültge. That´s a fantastic free plugin that I used to use in many projects. But the features are of course limited and I always looked for a more flexible solution. So I stumbled over the premium (paid) “Seedprod Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode” plugin.

The plugin is very feature rich and offers tons of options. With this plugin it´s dead simple and lightning fast to create coming soon pages or maintenance pages with an individual look and feel. It works with any WordPress theme (of course: it´s a plugin). It´s simple to install and use. It offers several interfaces with services like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. Intergration of social media is easy as 1,2,3 and of course you can control all the design and layout of your specific page. On the plugins website you find a showcase with lots of great examples.

One of the best things is the integration of even complex forms (e.g. Gravity Forms). This allows you to interact with your users even before public launch of your website.

Once the plugin is activated and the coming soon page is set up you can continue to create your website in the background. Regular visitors just see your coming soon page whilst you can login and use the site just like it was already launched. You can even provide a temporary link to your client and let him see his site as well without logging in. That is great for pre-launch presentations.


Seedprod Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a great plugin and at 49$ for a developer licence it´s worth every dollar. I don´t wanna miss it anymore.


WordPress Plugin Tipp: Foobars

Everyone knows those shiny and nice information bars on top or bottom of many websites these days. They tell you about special offers, promos or just newsletter subscriptions. I needed such an info bar for my own website a while ago and searched for a nice plugin to do the job.

I found some free and some premium (paid) plugins for this specific purpose. After a few quick tests I decided to go with FooBars which is a premium plugin by the guys over at Themercency. This plugin offers a wide range of great features without becoming too complex. You can change almost anything from a nice admin panel. Colors, sizes, fonts, animation an much more.

I´m a fan of premium themes and plugins because in most cases you simply get a much better quality compared to free stuff. And at a prize of 14$ you can´t go really wrong.

So if you need nice and fancy info bars from time to time you should check out the FooBars plugin.

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