Easy WordPress Theme Customizations with Tweaky

I love to provide outstanding support to my customers. If you purchase a high quality product such as one of my themes you can expect top notch support if you encounter an issue. That´s part of my philosophy.

Sometimes though I have customers who’s individual needs exceed what is considered “normal” support. This is what I call individual customizations which are not part of the normal support and are only available for an extra fee. Somtimes these little things need to be done quite quickly but I´m right in the middle of a bigger project and simply don´t have the time to provide quick help. Today I´m more than happy to announce a partnership with a new service called Tweaky that lets you have a professional make changes to your site in a very affordable way and at a reasonable price.

Now this doesn’t change the way I´m supporting my valued customers with theme questions. I´m still doing that. An I will always do that. But for customizations that are beyond theme support, Tweaky is a fantastic partner to help you out.

The process is very straigh forward. Essentially you fill in a quote form and their developers bid on your project. The service even comes with a Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to risk.

If you’d like to get started, you can fill in this  form and they will get in touch with you shortly.

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