Issues with my Mailform – Can´t reply to some E-Mails

If you wrote me an email via my contact form between some time yesterday November 22nd and today before 16:00 h I will not be able to reply if you haven´t entered your email also  into the message field.

The reason is that my server for some reason ignored the senders email and used my own email adress as the senders email. So I received two messages via my contactform – one concerning issues with the checkout and an inquiry from a German teacher – where I don´t have an email adress to reply.

If you are one of these people you should write me an email again either by using the contact form (which works again) or using the email adress support [AT]

Please accept my appologies for this inconvenience.

Seems like the ghost in the machine wants to play tricks on me these days 😉